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session start script error 2

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session start script error 2


I have pulse secure client x64, version 9.0.2 build 1421. When I want run session start script I get this error in debuglog.log on client side: 

criptRunnerPlatform.cpp:93 - 'JamUI' Failure to launch session script C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Temp\sslF70F.bat, error 2, 2 .


Is there resource when I can read what error 2, 2. means?
Thx for help.



Re: session start script error 2

Hello @dgray


  1. Under Session Scripts, specify the location of the session start and end scripts you want to run on Windows endpoints after Odyssey Access Client connects or disconnects with the Infranet Controller. 
    • You can specify a fully qualified path. 
    • Scripts can be accessed locally or remotely by means of file share or other permanently-available local network resource. 
    • You can also use environment variables, such as %USERNAME% in the script path name. For example: \\abc\users\%USERNAME%\myscript.bat
  2. Click Save Changes.

When Odyssey Access Client connects to the Infranet Controller, the Infranet Controller copies the session start and end scripts to a temporary directory on the endpoint (defined by the %TEMP% environment variable). When Odyssey Access Client disconnects, the Infranet Controller deletes the copied scripts from the temporary directory.


For additional information, please see the below KB: