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slow host checker at login

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slow host checker at login

Clients spend a lot of time at login, during Host Checker compliance verifications.

Any hint on how to solve this issue?

It seems that the call taking most of the time is CheckRTPState (more than 1 minute).

00477,09 2020/10/09 08:55:58.171 3 SYSTEM PulseSecureService.exe OpswatIMC p8624 t22E8 opsantivirusclientv4.cpp:266 - 'OpswatImcColData' Result of Antivirus data to monitor(Successfully called: CheckRTPState : Time Taken:78357.8, Successfully called: GetDataFileDetails : Time Taken:11.9101, Call failed: GetDataFileSignatures : Error Desc : Not supported, Call failed: IsUpdateInProgress : Error Desc : Not supported, Successfully called: IsFullScanInProgress : Time Taken:13189.3, )


Re: slow host checker at login

@mborghi Please file a support ticket with Pulse Client debug and OPSWAT diagnostics. This need to raised with our engineering team for analysis.

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