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windows log out slowness issue

Occasional Contributor

windows log out slowness issue



We are using credential provider feature on our environment and we have seen that if the end user disconnects the VPN before logging out of his desktop the windows log off process takes a huge time to be performed.


Has someone already faced this issue? Is it the normal behavior or is there something that can be done to reduce the log off time?


Thanks in advance for feedbacks.




Re: windows log out slowness issue

I have not heard of similar issues, does the Windows Event logs show what is delaying the log off?  Could it be due to the PC trying to contact the Domain controller and that is only reachable when the Cred Prov tunnel is up?


Re: windows log out slowness issue

Along with mspiers, I haven't heard anything like this yet; however, I would expect that to happen since the system does not have access to the domain when it expects it.
I would recommend opening a case with support so we can take a look with our development team