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Client v6.4.1 unable save password

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Client v6.4.1 unable save password

Hi Guys,

I am using pulse secure client version 6.4.1. I notice there is no save password or remember password on the apps which means i have to type in the password everytimes.

Is the pulse secure remove it ? Any release notes over this changes ?

If not then can anyone advise why unable to save.

Thank you very much in advance.

Re: Client v6.4.1 unable save password

Save password is only available on Pulse Desktop not Pulse mobile, see

Regular Contributor

Re: Client v6.4.1 unable save password

Hello ZPGOH,


While the save password is not available, we do support Touch ID for iOS which provides similar functionality to a save password as the end user would only need to use Touch ID to login.  For more information, please refer to KB40319.


Another possibilty is using certificate authentication. Pulse Workspace provides functionality to provision and push a certificate to all mobile devices, but this is possible with other MDM solutions as well.  For more information about Pulse WorkSpace, please refer to KB40360.