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Pulse Secure -OTP Via SMS/E Mail

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Pulse Secure -OTP Via SMS/E Mail


I am doing a POC of PS in my company for ssl vpn access, and we required a teo factor authentication. After the initial SSl login it will provide a secondary screen to enter the OTP code send via Email/SMS ( Looking for both features in the device), what is the best solution and how to integrate with my PS for a secondary authentication. Please advise a solution, because we need to finalize a product soon.


Re: Pulse Secure -OTP Via SMS/E Mail

Configure a RADIUS server instance to talk to your secondary server
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Re: Pulse Secure -OTP Via SMS/E Mail

Hi Streejith,

see my videos, hope it helps you somehow

part one:

part two:

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Re: Pulse Secure -OTP Via SMS/E Mail

Hi! You can use the Radius connection to a 2FA solution that generates OTP and send via email and SMS. You can look at this sendQuick Conexa solution at
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Re: Pulse Secure -OTP Via SMS/E Mail

I like the Duo product as the 2FA solution with Pulse secure.  This has a very flexible setup to use app, text or voice phone connections as the second factor and supports even multiple options on demand per user.


Pulse Secure setup with Duo


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