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Pulse Secure on One Plus 6 (Android)


Pulse Secure on One Plus 6 (Android)


I use my personal device (a One Plus 6) for access to work email.  Having recently bought a new phone, I had to go through a setup process through which I ultimately get access to our enterprise G-Suite.  As part of this process;

  • Download mobileiron and register with our servers
  • Mobileiron installs the various work versions of G-Suite as well as the digital certificates I need
  • I have to create a VPN using Pulse Secure to finish the process as it sets up the initial handshake
  • Once the handshake has been done, I use Gmail to select my work email address and hey presto.  Without the VPN, I cannot do the previous step.

When I get to the VPN bit, I receive the message "Pulse Secure needs to initialize its access to Android's Credential Storage. To proceed, please allow the selected certificate on the next screen."


When I click on "OK", something tries to load and then craps out.  Are there any known issues with Pulse Secure accessing the Certificate Store?  Any help would be much appreciated.


As a result, I cannot work out whether to hate One Plus 6, Pulse Secure or Mobile Iron.




Re: Pulse Secure on One Plus 6 (Android)

I am not aware of any issues with using the certificate store. Please work with your admin team for a support case to track the issue
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Re: Pulse Secure on One Plus 6 (Android)

Did you manage to solve this issue? I am facing the same


Re: Pulse Secure on One Plus 6 (Android)

Issue is coming only in OnePlus, as OnePlus is running on OxygenOS which we officially do not support.