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Windows 10 Mobile

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Windows 10 Mobile

I have a HP Elite x3 with latest Windows 10 Mobile, but I can't seem to access Pulse Secure. The App on Windows Store just says to use built-in VPN-client. Authentication is OK, but then I get error code 800. Also, I get the 2FA to work in Edge, but the symbols are gone once I log in. Only Logout and Help are available.


How should this be done? Would be very helpful with a description.


Re: Windows 10 Mobile

Are you seeing successful login through the built-in VPN or is that failing?
I believe 2FA is not supported on the inbox plugin.
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Re: Windows 10 Mobile


First of all please make sure you have checked the below things 


Confirm that the network connection between the client and server is functioning properly. 

Use the correct VPN server name and address.

Make sure your firewall isn't blocking VPN connections.


Darryl Gates

Sr. System Admin - Apps4Rent