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Ø"odyssey and wifi management by Windows"

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Ø"odyssey and wifi management by Windows"


i have installed Odyssey successfully under windows 7. But i see that the wifi can still be managed by windows natively.

and i want that this is not possible to do it.


Under win xp, the wifi management by windows was disabled correctly but i have not this case win windows 7.


Thanks for your help

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Re: odyssey and wifi management by Windows

Hi ,

I understand your requirement.


You can use this setting along with the options to manage all wireless (Wi-Fi) adapters to prevent users from using the antive wireless supplicant program and potentially bypassing the network access security policy.


Also You can prevent users from exiting OAC by selecting Do not allow users to exit Odyssey. Enabling this settings removes the Exit selection from the OAC icon inthe system tray.


Hope this helps.

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