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Adding static routes per VLAN

New Contributor

Adding static routes per VLAN

Hi friends, I hope you're doing well.


This may be an easy one but I wanted to confirm. We've introduced a new pair of Pulse 7000 boxes to our environment inside a new Data Centre. We want this cluster to run simultaneously with another pair of Pulse 7000 devices in a different DC.


I have a list of subnets which I want to route via the Internal interface, then another list to route via another (external) Interface. Please see link below:


Is it a case of simply adding each route in Network>Routes section? I don't want this traffic to take precedence yet (over the other cluster), so have set the metric to 5.


Would appreciate your assistance.




Re: Adding static routes per VLAN

that should be fine as they are different devices and will not share routes
anything past that would be on the network for handling priority