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Authentication Time


Authentication Time

hi everyone,

Thanks alot Mr. Manoj for your great great help, one more thing i wanna discuss with u i.e Authentication time, it takes alot of time before getting an ip..

what configuration steps required on switch / IC / Client for getting faster response in authentication.

OAC takes a lot of time in authentication and Vlan assignment also on IC user logs shows after a great delay why..???

Logs of 9:45 appear on IC after 10:10 why..?? however i m continously pressing update update n update..??


Raja M Kamran

Occasional Contributor

Re: Authentication Time

Patch validation take a long time. (more than 30 second for only Windows Critical and important Patches). try to disable different host checks to identify witch component slow your authentication.
New Contributor

Re: Authentication Time

Do you have portfast enabled on your switches for your user's ports?

On a cisco switch,

int fas <x>/<y>

spanning-tree portfast

Is the command you want. Sorry, not sure on Juniper switches. If its not your default, then this will help getting your machines talking on the network quicker. Don't apply it to any ports with a switch connected though!