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Authentication fails with LNS

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Authentication fails with LNS


I have a SBR SPE 6.1 configured to authenticate user from a residential internet perspective and also for a business internet perspective. For residential, it works correctly. But fo the business internet, the request is tunneled (via the SBR) through the LNS and when the LNS wants to authenticate back the ppp session in the tunnel, the SBR send again the tunnel attributes as the first time.

How to configure the SBR such as for the authentication coming from the LNS it will not send the tunnel but check the login/password ?


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Re: Authentication fails with LNS


How are you calling the Tunnel processing in SBR? Are you using a realm suffix? My fear is the PPP sessions have the same format as the tunnel requests. By deafult the Tunnel section processes before anything else. You may need to flip when the Tunnels section is processed. In the radius.ini file under the [configuration] section set ProcessRealmBeforeTunnel =1. This way if the PPP sessions have a radius attribute that can differentiate the PPP requests from the tunnel requests you can setup a directed realm to handle the PPP authentication.