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CTP2024 RADIUS attributes

New Contributor

CTP2024 RADIUS attributes

I configured a Windows Server 2008 to act as a RADIUS server for a combination of CTP boxes (CTPView, CTP150 and CTP2024).


Using the custom RADIUS dictionary that comes with the CTP RADIUS guide, I was able to authenticate and authorize a domain user account to be a CTP admin account and perform administrative tasks.


However, this is only possible with the CTP150 and CTPView servers. The CTP2024 somehow does not understand the attributes being sent by the RADIUS server. When I authenticate with a CTP150/CTPView, I get all-you-can-eat access to those boxes. But If I use the same username/password with a CTP2024, I only end up with a read-only account.


Is the CTP2024 using a different VSA for RADIUS that is different from the CTP150/CTPView? If so, where can I get the list so I can pass an admin-level attribute from RADIUS to the CTP2024?



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Re: CTP2024 RADIUS attributes



I understand that custom radious ditionary is not working only for CTP 2024.


I would recommend you to work with CTP2024 support team which can help you in getting the supported admin level radius attribute to work with the radius server. 


Once you get this you can add the vendor specific attributes by creating a new ditcionary file for the CTP 2024 and update it to radius server so that it can be used for attrbute processing.


Hope this helps.




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Re: CTP2024 RADIUS attributes

I already opened up a ticket with JTAC as I just found out that not all the CTP150 works (some gives me full access, others read only)


None of the CTP2024 works (only read-only).


Thanks for your help