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Changing Passwords w/ RADIUS Server

New Contributor

Changing Passwords w/ RADIUS Server

We are running into a weird issue in that we cannot change our passwords when connected using the OAC.

The wireless clients authenticate to our RADIUS server to gain access to their machines. We recently reset the "change password at next logon" option for all the clients and none of them are able to change their passwords.

It authenticates them with their old password, it then asks them for their new passwords and it fails wtih a message along the lines of " cannot connect to server".

Is this a OAC problem, a RADIUS problem or something else that we are missing.



New Contributor

Re: Changing Passwords w/ RADIUS Server

The error that we are running into is

"Authentication rejected by server"

It prompts the user to change their password. They enter the old, they enter the new and then they get that error.

If they are wired, they have no problem changing their password.