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Computer authentication problem

New Contributor

Computer authentication problem

I have a problem with some computers on the network. They don't want to authenticate. I can see the following in my logs: "A Trusted Client CA has not been configured for 'CN = xxx, DC = xxx, DC = xxx'. Consequently, the status of the certificate for 'CN = xxx, OU = xxx, OU = xxx OU" = xxx, DC = xxx, DC = xxx 'could not be checked. You can enable Auto-import of Intermediate CAs to configure intermediate CAs automatically. " even though everything is set up and the other computers are working properly.
On user computers I get error 600 - "802.1X EAP authentication failure." I noticed that the error occurs when the computer has more network adapters and pulse secure client does not know which one to authenticate, but with one network adapter the error also shows up.
I have no idea how to fix this problem.


Re: Computer authentication problem

are the issuing & root CAs imported and set to be used for client authentication?