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Default Authentication Realm issue

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Default Authentication Realm issue

Hi Everyone,

Recently I configured MAG6611 and used Radius,AD,LDAP as Auth. servers in their respective authentication realm.
The issue is when my wireless clients are connecting without pulse client software and authentication is verifying default local database.
But I configured auth.Realm for wireless clients is RADIUS as per their database. And here user is failed to connect SSID because he is not belongs to local

Pl let me know for is any way to verify auth, in only RADIUS for my wireless users without selecting the auth realm.

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Re: Default Authentication Realm issue

If the customer does not have a Pulse Secure client loaded on their device, then the only way for them to be routed to a specific realm is by:

1. Authentication Protocol used. Each Realm would need to use a specific protocol such as EAP-PEAP or EAP-TTLS.
2. If that is not an option, you can use the RADIUS REQUEST ATTRIBUTE feature to select the realm. In your example, you could find out what the attribute is for the wireless SSID and the create a request attribute policy and use that to select the correct realm.

The admin guide covers this in detail.

Hope this helps.