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Host Checker issue with Firefox

Serge B-G_
Occasional Contributor

Host Checker issue with Firefox



We have an issue on one of our computer where the Host Checker keeps looping through the verification process over and over. It does the verification, we see the green circle and then it reloads the page and start over. Clicking on the "click here" for the manual verification does the same issue.


The issue occurs in Firefox.


Here are the version/details I could find:


- Firefox version: 33.0.3

- Juniper Networks Host checker version:


We tried to uninstall the program, but when we were trying to launch the page again, the software was not installed automatically, we had to go through Internet Explorer to fix this.


We also tried to clear the cache in Firefox.


The reason we need Firefox is that we need some features not available/working correctly in Internet Explorer but working fine in Firefox.


Is there any way to fix this issue?


Thanks a lot for your time.


Re: Host Checker issue with Firefox

Were you able to resolve this issue?
We have seen issues with Firefox launching the Host Checker applet on some versions; however, it is a version-by-version test with Firefox