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HostChecker is very slow on Windows startup

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HostChecker is very slow on Windows startup


I'm evaluating the OAC 5.40.19175.0 on WinXPSP3 and Win7SP1 x64 with 802.1x machine and user configuration with EX2200 edge swiches. Everything is working properly when I'm working for some time already on the Windows - a full 802.1x authentication and host checks takes around 20 to 50 seconds. However strange things happens when I'm booting the Windows, because it takes about 4 to 5 minutes for the first time when OAC + hostchecker have to start all services. The 802.1x authentication on the switch timeouts (I can set max. 60 secs supplicant-timeout on EX) so the OAC have to repeat for the 2nd time the whole 802.1x auth + hostchecking. I have checked it on WinXPSP3 and Win7SP1 x64 with the same result - OAC startups very slowly on Windows bootup.

I've tried already to disable all other 3rd party Windows services, however OAC is still very slow during Windows bootup. I see only jnTccService.exe process that takes from 0 to 2 % CPU usage. In a normal OAC auth situation jnTccService.exe process takes 100% CPU usage.

What's happening with Hostchecker on Windows bootup ? Is it a normal behaviour ?

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Re: HostChecker is very slow on Windows startup

Hi ,

I hope you are running IC with 4.2R1 version.

Due to changes in the Host Checker libraries, Junos Pulse Access Control Services should be
upgraded before you upgrade the Junos Pulse and OAC clients if predefined Host Checker AntiVirus,
Firewall, Anti-Spyware policies are enforced. This is the opposite of the typical recommended upgrade
procedures: ñIf clients are upgraded before the server, they will not be able to connect due to
incompatibilities in Host Checker versions.

We may need to check the host checer client side logs, IC logs and review IC configuration for better understanding and troubleshooting on the issue.

I would recommend you to open a support case with Juniper Team on this since this needs config review and log analysis.

Please revert for any clarifictaions.