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How DHCP Helper address can help PPS?

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How DHCP Helper address can help PPS?




in most of the deploymnets I see, there are list of DHCP servers, so ip helper-address is used twice like:


interface vlan 10

 ip helper-address

 ip helper-address



now PPS needs to have helper address as well in order to feed its profiler, however as per the command description of ip helper-address, the network device will use the 1st helper-address and if there is no response, it willl use the 2nd one.


this means the network device will almost never send DHCP information to PPS, 

so what is the use case with PPS and DHCP Helper address?






Re: How DHCP Helper address can help PPS?

Hello, I'm not sure that I understand your question.


If your assertion that server #2 would never see the traffic as that config is a "primary / backup" config, than this is an issue that would need to be taken up with the switch vendor.


If the switch cannot send data to multiple helpers simultaneously, you can look into using Profiler's SPAN/RSPAN support instead.  This would allow PPS/Profiler to be on a SPAN/RSPAN port and we'd see all of the traffic on that SPAN/RSPAN port.


Hope that helps




Craig Brauckmiller

Escalation Manager

Pulse Secure

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Re: How DHCP Helper address can help PPS?

Hi Craig,


Thank you for your response,


Right now I am using only Internal port for my deployment.


Can I utilize WAN interface for SPAN?


and is this step necessary?


I haven't configure neither DHCP Helper nor SPAN toward Pulse, but PPS profiler is working well.


I want to understand this requirement.


and also DHCP Rely Agent on all the vendors I know do not send DHCP request to multiple servers simultaneously,


Re: How DHCP Helper address can help PPS?

Yes, in fact, RSPAN is only available on the external you will need to enable the EXTERNAL port on PPS in order to use that feature.  When you create the profiler authentication server, the option for DHCP Sniffing mode has a drop down.  You can choose RSPAN there.


Hope this helps