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How to retrieve licenses from LMS when MAG is down

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How to retrieve licenses from LMS when MAG is down

Hi, I have experience with UAC and SA but have never worked with license manager server before.


We want to set up 2x MAG clusters (that makes 4x nodes) with a LMS, but I cant get the maths right.


We have 2 CPD, one MAG cluster each (actually the cluster is between CPDs, so we have the master of one cluster in CPD1 and the master of the other cluster in CPD2).


The goal is to manage 5.000 concurrent users, setting up 2.500 users per Cluster.


The problem comes if nodes start to fail. If we get into the case where 3 of the 4 nodes are down, my guess is that we will be left with only 2.500 licensed users, since the other cluster with the other 2.500 license is down and unreachable.


Is there a way to transfer the licenses from the cluster with is down to the only active node?

If not, what are the options?

I can think of two. First one is to get 7.500 licenses, send 2.500 to each cluster, and have 2.500 licenses ready as a pool so the unit alive can get them from there. This option should be valid but we will have to purchase 2.5k more licenses.


Second one will be to have a 4 unit cluster, but I dont have any feedback of how reliable this would be.


Any ideas?






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Re: How to retrieve licenses from LMS when MAG is down



I understand your problem, if all the 4 nodes are the same place I would recommend deploying a 4 node Active/Active cluster.


Active/Active cluster with 4 nodes in a LAN envionment should help you. If you have 2 nodes  at one site and other 2 nodes in another site then you can't use this solution since Active/active cluster in WAN is not supported.


On managing the License part if 3 nodes are down scenario,   then you have only one node available out of 4 nodes in 2 cluster setup. It can handle only 2.5 K users as per your current setup. More over this depends upon the IC hardware platform which you are using . IC 6500, IC MAG 360 hardware has higher license and user limits.


I recommend you to work with Local Juniper System Engineer or Account Team  on this to plot the exact deployment for better license managment.


Hope this clarifies your query.


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