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IC 4500 with policy access to SSG 350M

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IC 4500 with policy access to SSG 350M


We want to setup an IC 4500 together with an SSG 350M. Now we want to use the IC to check userpermissions for SSG 350M logon. In a later stadium we want to use the IC for network credentail login.

I'm very new into Juniper. I already created the infranet authentication controller in my SSG-350M on port 111 (the default one)

On my IC 4500, i created auth server to check our Windows AD. created user realm and roles. Now i notice, that when i want to check on group membership, the list is empty. Seems that it is not communicating with AD, on my SSG 350M (which is between the ic and AD, i don't see any logs.

Implemtened also the SSG-350M certificate in my IC.

Any one has an idea how to solve this?


Re: IC 4500 with policy access to SSG 350M

Look at the attached screenshots.

1)click on 'Groups' button in role mapping rule based on 'group membership' page in IC.

2)then search for groups.

Screenshot of group search window

3)once search is done, IC makes the 'selected' groups available for use in role mapping rules.

Message Edited by ManojReddy on 03-30-2009 02:46 PM