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IC4000 Base system question !

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IC4000 Base system question !

Dear All,

I want to buy an IC4000 Base system , But I dont know what extra things I need to buy ,

If I buy an IC4000 ,do I need Endpoint Licenses ?

If yes , which one is better (100 , 250 , 500 ,....) and is there any relations between the active users and these numbers?

Any Help Will Be Appreciated ,

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Re: IC4000 Base system question !

Page 60 and 335 make reference to these licenses. An IC base system only comes with 2 client licenses. You will need to purchase End-point licenses for the amount of users in your environment. The licenses are additive, so start with what you need and expand later. This will give you access to the basic functionality and basic Odyssey access client connectivity for your users. If you need to use the Entprise Odyssey Access client edition, it looks like there is an additional license you will need to purchase.


Re: IC4000 Base system question !

For OAC licensing:

OAC UAC edition is feature parity with OAC Enterprise Edition

So if you want to use OAC Enterprise Edition, you can use that with your IC and use the UAC-ADD-OAC license. This license allows your OAC EE to work with an IC (and not count against your endpoint licenseing).

However, then you will need to purchase a number of OAC-XXXCLT licenses for your workstations.

So either way you pay for endpoints. With the OAC-XXXCLT licenses and the OAC-ADD-UAC you will have to keep track of licensing on your workstations. With the IC4000-ADD-XXXE licenses, you can use those for OAC UE, OAC EE, Agentless, or Third party supplicants. So with the IC4000-ADD-XXXE you get some more features.

It really just depends on what you need.