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Licenses required to use a MAG devices as a RADIUS server

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Licenses required to use a MAG devices as a RADIUS server

We currently have an SBR providing RADIUS authentication for our Wireless LAN. Next year I hope to do a project to replace this but I need to workout some rough cost for the budget. As a result of an upgrade of our VPN later this year I may have a couple of spare SM160 modules in out MAG chassis so I am considering changing their identity to IC and using then as a platform for the RADIUS. What is not 100% clear is what licenses I need to do this. Would it just be a MAGX600-RADIUS-SERVER or would I also need some user/concurrent connections licenses?

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Re: Licenses required to use a MAG devices as a RADIUS server

Hi ,


I understand your query.


If you wants to use MAG SM-160's as only radius device and Since you are looknig MAG as just a replacement of your existing SBR server, Radius License should help your requirement.


When you apply your RADIUS appliance license, the applicable IC Series Device screens become available. You access most of the RADIUS configuration pages from the Network Access menu item available from the UAC category.

The below URL gives information on RADIUS Features Added with a RADIUS License


Also when you have only the RADIUS License, following URL has the information on UAC Features Not Available


I also recommend you to work with Juniper account/sales team for more information on this.

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