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Mac Authentication behind IP Phone

New Contributor

Mac Authentication behind IP Phone

Hi all,


We are currently using Mac authentication without Pulse Client in our network. We are also using Profiler to prevent mac using and it works fine. For example, when you copy the mac address of a printer to your pc and plug the printers cable to the pc, PPS assigns PC to the quarantine vlan. 


But(Second example), problem starts when someone try to spoof a PCs Mac address to another PC, which is behind IP Phone. Because of being behind IP Phone, switch port is not becoming down and up and authentication for switch port does not re-initiate. So new PC is not quaratined like on previous example.


Is there a know solution for second example ?


Thanks for your help.


Re: Mac Authentication behind IP Phone

i believe that is a limitation of using the IP phone as the connection to the switch; however, i would recommend checking with our support team to confirm