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Migrating Juniper to Pulse (PPS)

Occasional Contributor

Migrating Juniper to Pulse (PPS)

Hello all,


We have a cluster running "Junos Pulse Access Control Service" version 5.0R7.1 on two mag-6610 SM-160 modules which is a Juniper image. We are thinking of upgrading them and the latest supported on a MAG device is 5.4R7.0.

The licenses are registered to Juniper for these two serials. After upgrading and basically migrating to Junos PPS will these licences still be valid? Do we have to registerd the products to Pulse as well?


Re: Migrating Juniper to Pulse (PPS)

Yes. The license keys are tied to the hardware ID and are not software version specific.

Please read the release notes for OPS 5.4R7 for the supported upgrade path to avoid any potential issues.


Craig Brauckmiller
Escalation Manager
Pulse Secure
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Re: Migrating Juniper to Pulse (PPS)

Hi Craig,


Thank you for the information provided.