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New UAC Cert forces User to accept via Odyssey

New Contributor

New UAC Cert forces User to accept via Odyssey

We have changed certificate suppliers and I have just renewed our UAC certificate.

With the new cert configured within UAC, when odyssey attempts to connect I am prompted to accept the new device name despite it being identical to the original. The prompt tells me I am trying to pass my credentials to an unknown server.

I have generated a cert from both Verisign and Comodo (our new supplier) and both produce the same result. The root and intermediatte CA certs are installed for both these suppliers on the UAc and the client devices.

Why am I getting this prompt? I notice other users just fail authentication. If I accept the new cert it is added to the odyssey cert store and everything works fine but obviously my major concern is the 5000+ users who don't authenticate to the UAC.

How can I get this cert into all users databases without them manually having to accept it? I assumed AD group policy would be a good way but I've since realised that the microsoft cert store is not the same one that odyssey uses so even if the cert is pushed to the MS store, we will still have issues.

Sadly this is now very urgent as the existing cert expires tonight at midnight. Any help gratefully recieved.

Stanislas P_

Re: New UAC Cert forces User to accept via Odyssey


When you deployed OAC, did you create a Oddyssey Custom installer?

If you used a custom installer,

- edit your initial settings / Macchine Account settings as you did to create the installer

- add the new certificate as trusted server

- create a new installer with "setting update file" option

- Deploy this MSI file with your deployement tool!