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OAC 5.1 Reinstall Error

New Contributor

OAC 5.1 Reinstall Error

Hi all

I have a problem when reinstalling OAC client 5.1. In some machines, after I uninstall OAC and then install the same version for stable testing I've got this error :

"An error occurred while installing the IM Driver. Installation will not continue."

note: OAC is installed and ran at the first install, after remove and reinstall, OAC said error

I also read UAC 3.1 Release Note and notice that:

"When installing OAC on a system with the Deterministic Network Enhancer (DNE) installed, you may
encounter the error ñAn error has occurred while installing the IM driver. Installation will not continue.î To
resolve this problem, uninstall DNE and then install OAC. (432886) "

But there are no DNE in those machines, any idea ? how to solve this problem ?