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OAC Cache password?

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OAC Cache password?


I am using OAC and AD for the user authentication. I changed the password on the AD and also on OAC but I am surprised OAC I believe is using the cached old password still thats why I am getting the authentication error on OAC.

I rebooted my PC and then OAC is now using the new password which I put on the OAC to use this password.

Kindly some one tell me how to remove the cached old password on OAC with out rebooting the PC. I tried to exit the OAC but still the problem


Occasional Contributor

Re: OAC Cache password?

You should be able to perform a reload and test initial settings from the Odclientadministrator.exe under initial settings, in the Juniper program files, but the user will need to be a local admin and can only be performed by the logged in user.