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OAC licensing consideration

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OAC licensing consideration


I am a bit confused with the license system of Odyssey Access Client.

Here is the thing. We have a network with a couple of Infranet Controllers. Our users use only layer 3 authentication with OAC, and we use SSGs to dynamically protect access to our resources. Let's say we have a 250 users license on the IC and the OAC is deployed from the appliance to users.

So basically, OAC can be installed on more than 250 workstations, but only 250 computers will be able to authenticate on the IC at the same time, right?

What I want to know is: may I use and distribute the OdysseyAccessClient.msi from my IC box to another group of users who will not use layer 3 authentication (as my regular users) but layer 2 802.1X authentication with a non Juniper RADIUS server?

What I don't get is how the license for OAC "works". What prevents me to use the OAC that comes with my IC (with a valid license in it) as a 802.1X regular supplicant in a non-UAC network?

Many thanks, this board is great.

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Re: OAC licensing consideration

You have to buy OAC enterprise license for connecting to non Juniper RADIUS server.

Nobody prevents to use OAC UAC edition for a non-UAC network .

you just need to replace the licence in the OAC client for a non-UAC network