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PPS on Vmware Workstation

New Contributor

PPS on Vmware Workstation

Hi everyone,

I am setting up a trial install of the PPS. The download file i have got is DTE-PPS-49495.1-VT.

I am trying to install this on Vmware Workstation 14 Pro. Unfortunuately the install fails at later stages and gives out "Unable to Mount /data partition(22)".


My first question will be if Vmware Workstation is even supported or not? Is esxi the only option?



New Contributor

Re: PPS on Vmware Workstation

As expected since no one from pulse secure would have the time to reply or update the VMs. here is the fix that i did myself. Hope it helps someone:



Installing the Virtual Machine


Unzip the downloaded package to the folder: ps-pps-vmware-psa-v-dte-9.0r1.0-b49495-package


Now to convert the above to ovf to be played in VMWare workstation you need to first run the OVFTool to convert the ovf to vmx.


For this conversion first create a new folder called Convert as in the above picture.

Now open the cmd and run the ovftool as follows:

C:\cd c:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Workstation\OVFTool>




>ovftool.exe “D:\VMs\Pulse Secure\PS Appliance\ps-pps-vmware-psa-v-dte-9.0r1.0-b49495-package\PSA-V-VMWARE-DTE-PPS-49495.1-VT.ovf” “D:\VMs\Pulse Secure\PS Appliance\ps-pps-vmware-psa-v-dte-9.0r1.0-b49495-package\Convert\PSA-V-VMWARE-DTE-PPS-49495.1-VT.vmx”



The vmx conversion will take about 7 to 8 minutes to convert. Once converted edit the vmx file and replace the following:


From Original:

scsi0:0.mode = "persistent"

scsi0.virtualDev = "buslogic"

scsi0.present = "TRUE"



scsi0:0.mode = "persistent”

scsi0.virtualDev = "lsilogic"

scsi0.present = "TRUE"


Save the .vmx file and import in Vmware Workstation:

Modify the RAM to 6GB minimum.

Modify the Processor to 4


After this change the OS version to “Other 64-Bit” under Options tab in VM Settings:

Once this done, power on the VM and complete the installer setup via Console.