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Password authentication at SSG-140.

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Password authentication at SSG-140.

I would like to have employees have access to a folder in my linux system by password.

i am looking for a way to have the user login and that user would be tied to a folder. he would have to enter a password (that he can manage). i want to have him enter with port 30080 and do the password in the SSG-140. is this possible or have i been drinking to much?


Re: Password authentication at SSG-140.

The SSG can provide a web page that the suer would have to browse to first, then once authenticated they would be able to access the system, but the SSG will not be able to goven what folder they access etc, nor will it allow the user to change their password. Either you would have to do that in the internal database, or you would need an authentication server such as RADIUS or Active Directory.

To be honest it would be much easier to have the *nix based system do the authentication, and run a module whereby the user could change their password.