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Pulse Secure Client for linux

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Pulse Secure Client for linux

we have a strange problem with the new Pulse for Linux included in the 8.1r7 release:

The client works without any problem from inside our LAN network but doesn't work from outside (the classical use of a vpn) EG: from home connected to an ADSL provider

Note that every other version of Pulse works in any situation (Windows, Mac, Mobile ecc....) so i can exclude networking problems.

When i launch the command with the correct paramenters, i enter my username password but the client exit without any message. From the log client/side, i see:

20160211121822.64794 ncsvc[p6805.t6805] New ncsvc log level set to 5 (nccommon.cpp:75)
20160211121825.631341 ncsvc[p6805.t6805] restoring DNS settings... (sysdeps.cpp:975)
20160211121825.631482 ncsvc[p6805.t6805] sysdeps.error rename /etc/jnpr-nc-resolv.conf => /etc/resolv.conf failed wirh error 2 (sysdeps.cpp:978)
20160211121825.631529 ncsvc[p6805.t6805] sysdeps.error rename /etc/jnpr-nc-hosts.bak => /etc/hosts failed wirh error 2 (sysdeps.cpp:982)
20160211121825.998226 ncsvc[p6805.t6805] dsclient.para DSClient::authenticate(): user:[email protected], password:..., cert:0, realm:AR-unitn-ldap-ad (dsclient.cpp:284)
20160211121826.617225 ncsvc[p6805.t6805] IVE host resolved to, port 443 (dsinet.cpp:311)
20160211121826.617337 ncsvc[p6805.t6805] IVE host resolved to 64:ff9b::c1cd:ce39, port 443 (dsinet.cpp:311)
20160211121826.617740 ncsvc[p6805.t6805] http_connection.para Starting a timed connect with SSL session 0x95a0278, proxy (null):0, and timeout 30 (http_connection.cpp:236)
20160211121826.617816 ncsvc[p6805.t6805] http_connection.para Entering state_start_connection (http_connection.cpp:351)
20160211121826.617855 ncsvc[p6805.t6805] http_connection.para Remote Address: ip=, port=443, familiy=2 (http_connection.cpp:799)
20160211121826.617887 ncsvc[p6805.t6805] http_connection.para Remote (http_connection.cpp:801)
20160211121826.617921 ncsvc[p6805.t6805] http_connection.para Local Address: ip=, port=0, familiy=2 (http_connection.cpp:806)
20160211121826.617952 ncsvc[p6805.t6805] http_connection.para Proxy Address: ip=(null), port=0, familiy=0 (http_connection.cpp:811)
20160211121826.648256 ncsvc[p6805.t6805] DSInet.error failed to connect to ( error 110 (dsinet.cpp:383)
20160211121826.648368 ncsvc[p6805.t6805] dsclient.error unable to open URL: ( with error -7 (dsclient.cpp:299)
20160211121826.648417 ncsvc[p6805.t6805] ncapp.error Failed to authenticate with IVE. Error 2 (ncsvc.cpp:253)
20160211121826.648463 ncsvc[p6805.t6805] dsncuiapi.para DsNcUiApi::~DsNcUiApi (dsncuiapi.cpp:83)

do you have any idea of what's wrong ?

Thank you !


Re: Pulse Secure Client for linux

Sounds like the known issue documented here
New Contributor

Re: Pulse Secure Client for linux

thank you very much for the answer. I have a case open for this issue and this bug fits perfectly my situation. It seems that from internal network with low latency the tcp connection is established whereas from high latency networks (ADSL, 3G) the connection fails due to client tcp timeout too low....

I think i/we have to wait for 8.1R8 in march...

thank you !

New Contributor

Re: Pulse Secure Client for linux

Is there any update on this issue? Information on the ticket seems pretty outdated: it mentions a bug fix in March, three month later not sure if anything happened?