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Pulse Secure Tech Support has been terrible so far...

New Contributor

Pulse Secure Tech Support has been terrible so far...

(admin edit: this seems to be a duplicate post from elsewhere on the Internet, from 3 years ago)


Earlier this year, Juniper split off their VPN product line to a separate company called Pulse Secure. The split has been less than seamless. I get it, it's a lot to do, but here's what I've been through:

New website was a mess, and a struggle to even get logged in

Couldn't add my asset - support had to help

Despite adding my asset, still couldn't download software update

Circle back a month or two later, still can't find software. Have to add asset again, now download is available

I have 3 accounts listed in the portal, one for Pulse Secure Download, am later told this one is so clients can access software due to broken website

Actual company listed twice, and both have business city name spelled wrong. One is like "Company, Inc - NEW YARK" and the other is "Company, Inc - NEW YAK" Not sure how this was messed up so badly.

Ask account manager about changing business name, she opens support ticket

They can't delete duplicate accounts, tell me other account has asset tied to it, despite it showing me no assets

After about 20 back and forths with various techs and multiple wrong changes to city name, I give up

They leave terrible voicemails like, "Hi this is Bob. I'll email you." What?

I was finally able to download the software, but now I'm terrified to update my MAG2600. If it bombs and I have to call support, I have 0 confidence they'll be at all useful.

Anyone else have to deal with them yet? Please tell me actual technical issues are handled better.

Community Manager

Re: Pulse Secure Tech Support has been terrible so far...

Thank you for this post - however, it seems to be a duplicate post from some years ago. Pulse was created four years ago, and I am sure that your experience will be very different now.


And yes, we have many options for upgrading your MAG appliance, please contact your local team for more information.