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QoS change over CoA for ERX-310 example config anyone?

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QoS change over CoA for ERX-310 example config anyone?

We are trying to test ERX-310 together with a PCRF node over RADIUS interface.

Our test subscriber is connecting over PPPoE from a linux box directly connected to the ERX node.

The PPPoE session seem to be correctly set up and the linux machine is Authenticated and is recieving a IP.

The PCRF node will then send in a CoA-Request with a Service-Activate message including a service for example:


What we really need help with is to give the appropriate QoS for the subscriber that is given this service-activation message.
The parameters to this service should give the subscriber a uplinkrate of 128 kbps and a downlink of 512 kbps.
We dont really understand how to make configuration that shapes the QoS for the subscriber.

We have also tried by installing a macro file with this information:

!parameterizes input and output bandwidth
<# data_qos_internet_profile(inputBW, outputBW) #>

<# uid := app.servicemanager.getUniqueId #>
<# name := "SM-tiered-" $ uid #>
<# oname := "SM-O-tiered-" $ uid #>

classifier-list matchAll ip any any
rate-limit-profile <# name #> one-rate
committed-rate <# inputBW; '\n' #>
policy-list <# name; '\n' #>
classifier-group matchAll precedence 10000
rate-limit-profile <# name; '\n' #>
traffic-class best-effort

policy-list <# oname; '\n' #>
classifier-group matchAll precedence 10000
traffic-class best-effort

profile <# name; '\n' #>
ip policy secondary-input <# name #> statistics enabled merge
ip policy output <# oname #> statistics enabled merge
qos-profile dl_512
qos-parameter maxSubscBW <# outputBW; '\n' #>

<# env.setResult("activate-profile", name) #>
<# env.setResult("secondary-input-stat-clacl", "matchAll") #>
<# env.setResult("output-stat-clacl", "matchAll") #>

<# endtmpl #>

We installed this macrofile with success and it also gets activated for the connected subscriber when the CoA-Req is sent from PCRF.

However, our QoS is not the appropriate one!

We get a download speed of 32 kB/s when we in fact want 64 kb/s. (by Testing to FTP from the linux machine)
But we also have a problem by understanding how to create the configuration for qos-profile "dl_512" and the qos-parameter "maxSubscBW".

Any help (test config/example etc) would be greatly appriciated since we have been struggeling with these issues for some time now.