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RAIDIUS Authentication Fialure

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RAIDIUS Authentication Fialure

I have IC 4000 and it has been working fine with 600-700 users for past 4-5 months. But now we have about 1400 users and now almost every once in two weeks we have RAIDIUS authentication fails and need to restart/reboot the service to make it work. I am running 3.1 R8 . Is there any JTAC recommended version that has fixed this issue.

I keep getting the below message in the event log almost every 5 seconds.

SBR245752011-09-08 06:59:32 - IC4000 - [] System()[] - RADIUS: EAP Identity Response arrived with RADIUS State attribute, ignoring RADIUS state attribute
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Re: RAIDIUS Authentication Fialure

The message that you see should not result in authentication failure.

IC ignores state attribute received as part of EAP response and contnues with the authentication process.

Actual root cause of the failure could be different.

Radius troubleshooting logs, user access logs would give better idea about the problem.