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SBR 6.1.3 profile authentication issue using domain area

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SBR 6.1.3 profile authentication issue using domain area

Under Users --> Domain I have multiple entries, one for domain users, one for a sub group and then I just added a 3rd that I want to assign a profile to --> the profile is to push them to VLAN 250.

I have the profile already built and it works when I use MAC address authentication for them, they are put into VLAN 250 when they attach to the network. I'm getting too many of these contractors to manage MAC addresses and now they have AD accounts with us, so I wanted them to get a windows pop up, telling them to login with their credentials. The pop up happens, no problem. The issue is that they are put in VLAN 1, not VLAN 250.

The domain group I created is at the bottom of the list. There seems to be no way to re-order this list, at least in my release. THey are not a member of the AD Group domain users, which is what I thought was happening. So I'm confused how they are ending up in VLAN 1

Any help you can provide would be appreciated