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SBR Carrier 7.2.4 GUI unaccessible

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SBR Carrier 7.2.4 GUI unaccessible


I have a problem with a new SBR Carrier 7.2.4 installation. Afther an hour or so since the radius process start I cannot access the GUI anymore. The browser fails to connect. I can see in the server interface snoop that there is a SYN packet coming in to the port 1812, but there is no reply to that packet. Restaring the sbr process helps. Any experience with this?



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Re: SBR Carrier 7.2.4 GUI unaccessible

Port could have gotten into close_wait state. Hence after restarting the process, it would have worked because, we re-initialize everything.

If you happen to see the problem again, you need to test the following and create a JTAC case:

1. Run sniffer at client machine as well as SBR server and telnet port 1812

2. Collect radius troubleshooting logs at level '2'

3. ./sbrd status output

4. netstat -an output

5. Try binding to the actual IP of the machine rather than loopback for 'TCPControlAddress' in radius.ini



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