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SBR max concurrent session

Occasional Contributor

SBR max concurrent session

Hi guys,

I've in the middle of evaluating SBR solution but no really sure what os the max concurrent session of each SBR ... EE , GE and SPE. thanks.

Re: SBR max concurrent session

The max current sessions is based on your license.  So if you have a license for 50k sessions you can manage 50k unique sessions.


Concurrency can be set a few different ways.  If you need to enforce concurrency you can do that by setting Apply-Login-Limits=yes in the radius.ini and then sending the Login-Limit attribute in a return list from a profile.  The Login-Limit attribute defines the number of allowed concurrent sessions.  If you aren't concerned with concurrency you can turn it off globally by setting Apply-Login-Limits=no.


You can also use the %Login-Limit to map an LDAP or SQL attribute to the concurrency limit for SBR.


You should know that SBR Carrier has more advanced concurrency functionality that is a licensed feature.