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SNMP Alarms from SBRC 7.3.1

Hany Abdel Baki_
New Contributor

SNMP Alarms from SBRC 7.3.1

Hi All, We can see only alarms related to SNMP process restart . We try to stop and start SBRD process but no alarms appeared. What are alarms should be sent according to MIB files ?
Regular Contributor

Re: SNMP Alarms from SBRC 7.3.1

Hi Hany,

Ideally you should see traps getting generated when you stop and start SBR process(using SBRD script).

Trap messages that SBR sends are very well documented in our reference guide, refer chapter 21 from below:

Also please check if port 162 is used by any other process. If so, you could alter the port number in jnprsnmpd.conf and try again.



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