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Script not running for attribute filters

Occasional Contributor

Script not running for attribute filters

I have a Javascript license on my SBR GEE and I want to run attribute filter scripts.

I have created the .jsi file, tested it with checkscript and added it to filters (omitting the .jsi extenstion). Is there anything else I need to do, because the script is just not running at all. When I restart the service there is no mention of the script initializing or whatever it needs to do.

I opened a case on this last week, but have still had no suitable answer. I can't believe I am the only person trying to do this simple thing.

Apparently my case has been escalated, but I would have thought this should be a common requirement.

Hopefully someone can say - aah but have edited such and such an .ini file, and all the pieces will fall into place - here's hoping.......



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Re: Script not running for attribute filters

Can you provide the sbr start up log, i.e. debug log while SBR service is starting.

Also, filter.ini, proxy.ini and radius.ini configuration files.

What's the location where you have the respective java script file i.e. .jsi file.


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Re: Script not running for attribute filters

This is an FYI message for the community at large.

The radius request attributes are not available to a filter script...only return list attributes are.


Craig Brauckmiller