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Two Lan cards

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Two Lan cards

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on: May 09, 2010, 11:39:11 PM é
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Hi All,

I am wondering how to tackle a mulitple LAN interface situation.

If a end point with 2 LAN interface, one (interface A) is 802.1x authenticated by UAC, while another (Interface B) is directly connect to internet using mobile broad band. Can OAC/UAC disable that the virtual "interface B" so that only "interface A" is active.

The reason is that ppl will worry the attack can launch from untrust network interface (interface B) to the internal resource via "interface A".

Thanks first.

Best Regards,


Re: Two Lan cards

Hi Adith,

UAC/OAC does not currently offer this functionality, if this is something that you wished to pursue you could either contact your account team or open a case with JTAC and let them know that you would like to create an Enhancement Request. We may be able to get that feature rolled into future releases if you go that route...