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UAC 802.1x with Alcaltel Phones

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UAC 802.1x with Alcaltel Phones


I would like to authenticate my Alcaltel 4018 Phones via IC. But it seems that UAC does not support corresponding security protocol. I have successfully created local user with username "ALCIPT" (default username for Alcaltel phone".

Avaya phone can't authenticate with error "Password is stored hashed, so CHAP and EAP-MD5-Challenge authentication cannot work".

I created a new local auth server with store password in clear text checked. Then create local user here and attach this auth server to realm. Avaya phone should be able to authenticate.

We are using HP procurve 2610-PWR switches with an IC4500 version 3.1R4 (build 14585.


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Re: UAC 802.1x with Alcaltel Phones

I find the solution

The password on my phone was not the same as on the IC. Now It works well. I'm using a unique account for all those IP Phones.

InfoEAM248052010-06-11 10:21:06 - GSJURAD1 - [] ALCIPT(ALCIPT-802.1x)[] - Radius authentication accepted for ALCIPT (realm 'ALCIPT-802.1x') from location-group 'XXXX' and attributes are: NAS-IP-Address = 192.168.254.XXX,NAS-Port = 1,NAS-Port-Type = 15
InfoAUT244142010-06-11 10:21:06 - GSJURAD1 - [] ALCIPT(ALCIPT-802.1x)[802.1x-ALCIPT] - Agent login succeeded for ALCIPT/ALCIPT-802.1x from 00-80-9f-7b-XX-aa.
InfoAUT243262010-06-11 10:21:06 - GSJURAD1 - [] ALCIPT(ALCIPT-802.1x)[] - Primary authentication successful for ALCIPT/ALCIPT-Server from 00-80-9f-7b-XX-aa