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UAC - Role Mapping for Mac based authentication

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UAC - Role Mapping for Mac based authentication


I have a UAC3.0 which I am testing out at the moment. One of the things I understand the UAC supports is mac authentication for unmanaged devices (ones who can't run 802.1x). I have been able to do everything except configure a "Role Mapping" rule which can work in my case. I am unable to figure out what the rule should be based on in my scenario (Username/User-Attribute/Custom-Expressions). All I want to do is that mac addresses which are authenticated succesfully should be mapped to a one of the roles that is configured.

How can we select a rule in this case. Can't see any examples on juniper's website or any other info which puts any clarity on this.

Any help is appreciated.



Re: UAC - Role Mapping for Mac based authentication

create a username based role mapping rule and mention * as user name in the role mapping rule and and select the roles to which you want to map the users to. this will map all authenticated MAC addresses to the selected roles.