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UAC interact with Ex4200

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UAC interact with Ex4200

i have a problem with UAC, i use OAC client to authenticate to UAC successful and supplied a vlan-id, now i disable session of the user in UAC, i hope that OAC client will lose authentication and my computer will disconect ( the port connect to my computer lose vlan-id) .how do that ?

sorry my en not good.

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Re: UAC interact with Ex4200



What do you mean " disable session of the user in UAC". What is your requirement 


We only have the below options in IC admin GUI  under Active Users tab, which one you are trying to use:


Delete Session
Select the checkbox next tothe appropriate names andthen click Delete Session toimmediately
delete the session.The useris signedoutby your action.


Disable All Users

Signout all end-users whoare currently signed-in andalsoprevent anyother users fromsigning in.
Toallow users tosign in again after youdisable all users, click EnableAllUsers.




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Re: UAC interact with Ex4200

Yes it can be done provided you use EAP-JUAC as authentication protocol.

What is the protocol that youa re using?