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UAC with Radius x SBR

Mauricio Oliveir
Occasional Contributor

UAC with Radius x SBR

Wthat's the difference between UAC with Radius license and the SBR? UAC has all SBR features? For example, can I realize accounting for devices too?

Frequent Contributor

Re: UAC with Radius x SBR

This question is better answered by one of our System Engineers.

In short, SBR is a full featured RADIUS server. It supports all major 802.1x auth methods including Cisco's EAP-FAST and LEAP. UAC doe snot. Currently, UAC 4.1 can handle basica accounting data, but has no mechanism to record it externally such as a SQL server. SBR can authenticate AND send accounting data to a SQL server (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, or any ODBC/JDBC compliant database).

The biggest advantage to using UAC for its RADIUS function is that you can run the IC hardware as your radius server and in the future, should you want to upgrade to the full version of UAC, you simply add another license key. Its a great way to migrate into a NAC environment.