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Does UAC client works on machine with Vmware...


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Re: Vmware

It depends on what you define as "works." The problem is there is no way to differentiate between the host IP and the bridged VMWare client IP. So source IP enforcement won't work.

The client will authenticate, but the host will also be allowed.

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Re: Vmware

If you have an XP vm guest with its own NIC, then yes, it will work, exactly as if the XP machine was on its own hardware.. The problem that you're probably going to run into is how your underlying switches handle things. In my case, i have a cisco 2960 running 12.2(25) connected to a Dell box running ESXi. My only option is to have a single 802.1x client on the Cisco port because this version of firmware doesnt support multi-auth where each MAC has to authenticate separately; However, if you have a switch that does suport mult-auth, and you enable dot1x (cisco) on the port connected to the VM host, then each VM guest will have to authenticate separately, and of course, you can decide whether the machine account or user account is going to be used to perform the authentication. Use machine account auth for servers, and user acount auth for workstations.