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sbr admin password recovery.

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sbr admin password recovery.

hi there,

we cannot remember the admin password to our sbr appliance.

i have checked the juniper kb, and whilst there are password recovery options for switches, routers, firewalls, etc there doesn't appear to be a password recovery document for the sbr products.

is it possible to recover this?

thanks in advance, andy.

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Re: sbr admin password recovery.

Hi Andy,

Article KB18191 - How to reset the initial administrator account for SBR 5.0 and higher might help solve your question.

Also, thank you for letting us know the base password article (KB12167 - Password Recovery for Juniper products) was missing content for SBR; I've updated it to include KB18191.


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Re: sbr admin password recovery.

The process described in the KB does not work for me.

The file is correctly removed from the directory once the service is started, but creds are not reset.

The KB also does not state what to use for a password, only to "login  to the Admin GUI with the same username provided ininitial_admin_account.dat."

The following did not work:





Is there a way to manually manipulate the password in the registry or some file?



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Re: sbr admin password recovery.

The procedure outlined in the KB allows to re-add OS Admin Accounts as SBR GUI Admin's.Otherwise there are no separate admin account maintained for SBR Admin access.It uses maps the Admin account from the OS itself.Hence if you have lost the password for the OS admin account itself, you will need to follow the procedure outlined by the OS folks.


Is this an SBR appliance ?