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Activity Map on supervision TVs

New Contributor

Activity Map on supervision TVs

Hi . 


I love the Stingray dynamic Activity/Map, and I'd like to integrate it on my supervision TV.

(this is nice for me, my boss, and customers lying around). 


Is there a way to call the applet from a simple URL, with None or Basic HTTP authentication) ?






Re: Activity Map on supervision TVs

Hi ofauchon,


Unfortunately I don't see a way to do that.




Frequent Contributor

Re: Activity Map on supervision TVs

Hi Oliver,

You need to go through the login form in Stingray to generate the session cookie - you can't just use basic authentication etc.  You could automate this using the following URL:


(of course, change admin:admin to your admin username and password)

The login form automatically redirects you to the Stingray home page.  You then need to get your client to load the following page to get the decoration-free version of the activity map:


The UI pages have an automatic timeout (defined in the Permission Group for the user who is logged in):

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 09.39.22.png

When the timeout kicks in, the page is refreshed and falls back to the login page.

This timeout does not apply to the Activity map, so you can run it persistently.  If anyone tries to use that browser session to access the rest of the Stingray UI, the timeout will kick them off immediately.

Hope that this helps

Best regards