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Are you bumming over CDNs?

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Are you bumming over CDNs?

Content delivery networks are great for improving performance while reducing load on app servers. But they could be expensive and don't offer much in terms of control. 

So we partnered with Joyent to deliver a supplement or alternative called the CDC, or content delivery cloud.

To learn all about it attend this a joint webinar on October 17th (10am-11am PT): Joyent and Riverbed CDC - Take Back Control of Content Delivery - Company - Joyent

If you are using a CDN, what challenges do you face, if any?

And what would you want to know about CDC before switching? 

Your input is appreciated and will help shape the content of the webinar.

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Re: Are you bumming over CDNs?

Also see the article Alex West wrote in Riverbed Connections: Stingray Content Delivery Cloud: A Death Sentence for CDNs?