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Bind9 Exploit in the Wild...

...Riverbed customers protected!


When I got in to the office this morning, I wasn't expecting to read about a new BIND 9 exploit!! So as soon as I'd had my first cup of tea I sat down to put together a little TrafficScript magic to protect our customers.


BIND Dynamic Update DoS


The exploit works by sending a specially crafted DNS Update packet to a zones master server. Upon receiving the packet, the DNS server will shut down. ISC, The creators of BIND, have this to say about the new exploit


"Receipt of a specially-crafted dynamic update message to a zone for which the server is the master may cause BIND 9 servers to exit. Testing indicates that the attack packet has to be formulated against a zone for which that machine is a master. Launching the attack against slave zones does not trigger the assert."


"This vulnerability affects all servers that are masters for one or more zones – it is not limited to those that are configured to allow dynamic updates. Access controls will not provide an effective workaround."


Sounds nasty, but how easy is it to get access to code to exploit this vulnerability? Well the guy who found the bug, posted a fully functional perl script with the Debian Bug Report.


TrafficScript to the Rescue


I often talk to customers about how TrafficScript can be used to quickly patch bugs and vulnerabilities while they wait for a fix from the vendor or their own development teams. It's time to put my money where my mouth is, so here's the work around for this particular vulnerability:


$data = request.get( 3 );  
if ( string.regexmatch($data, "..[()]" ) ) {  
   log.warn("FOUND UPDATE PACKET");  


The above TrafficScript checks the Query Type of the incoming request, and if it's an UPDATE, then we discard the connection. Obviously you could extend this script to add a white list of servers which you want to allow updates from if necessary. However, you should only have this script in place while your servers are vulnerable, and you should apply patches as soon as you can.


Be safe!

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