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Brocade vTM UDP health check issues

New Contributor

Brocade vTM UDP health check issues



We have a Brocade vTM installed on the HPE Server.


We will need to use the UDP health check the Backend Server health status by using the UDP health check on port 3601.

However, Brocade vTM is not provided any UDP monitor option in the Monitor option.

And we found that if need a UDP health check in Brocade vTM, we will need to create a custom script.

Can someone help to on the custom script for UDP health check ?


Thank you.


Occasional Contributor

Re: Brocade vTM UDP health check issues

Hi Darren,


You could try the attahed script. Upload to Catalogs -> Extra Files -> Monitor Programs. Then create a new Monitor of type "External program monitor" under Catalogs -> Monitors.


By default the monitor will use tcp, so you need to add an argument of "proto" to the monitor and set it to "udp", you will also need to provide a "send" and "expect" argument which contain the string to send and the response to expect. The "expect" string can be PCRE regex if needed. If the port you are monitoring is different to the port on which the service runs, then you will also need to set that in "monport".


The params you can add are: send. expect, monport, and proto

Program Arguments 

Example Values:

Additional Settings